British School in Baku organized BSB Annual Graduation Ceremony 2021

One of the best private international schools in Azerbaijan – British School in Baku has organized the BSB Annual Graduation Ceremony 2021, which was held in the building of the school on June 25.
British School in Baku, which was founded for 14 years ago, shared such a great day with 33 graduates and their parents.
Honorable quests – Mr.Ahmed Valiyev, the chairman of the Board of Governors of the British School in Baku, Ms.Nigar Baimova, the Deputy Director of the British Council, Dr.Nihat Büyükbaş, Education Advisor of the Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan, Mr. Nasser Abdul Kareem, the Ambassador of Palestine in Azerbaijan, Dr.Hudayfa Zead Mahmoud, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Iraq in Azerbaijan, Ms.Basti Agarzayeva, the executive director of NCUK office in Azerbaijan, participated in the event.
Graduation Ceremony, which was conducted by BSB’s graduates, Ajdar Ismayilov and Najima Jafarli, began with traditional opening sequence for ceremonies in private British schools of our country: the singing of the national anthem of Azerbaijan, “March of Azerbaijan”, the singing of the national anthem of the United Kingdom, “God save the Queen”. National Anthems of Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom were performed by the choir of the Primary School’s students of BSB, headed by music teacher of BSB Sakina Mammadova and the National Orchestra, headed by Ziya Khaliqov.
Dr. Samir Valiyev, the Executive Director of the British School in Baku made a remarkable speech, congratulating the graduates and wishing them success in their further endeavors.
He thanked graduates, their parents and teachers for the joint efforts that they put into them over the school years and for the great results achieved.
“We, as a school, did our best to give them a high British Education, which is considered as one of the best in the world. Also, along with this, we were able to educate a sense of civic duty, patriotism and devotion to their country. Thanks to this generation, that is being formed today in Azerbaijan, we were able to liberate occupied territories during Second Karabakh War with Pride and Victory. A sense of patriotism is developing under the leadership of our President Ilham Aliyev. The sense of patriotism became a foundation that our soldiers and youth, fought bravely to liberate our lands”.
Dr. Samir Valiev also mentioned challenges the British School in Baku faced during pandemic Covid-19 crisis.
“As school we successfully implemented new online learning strategies, with a lot of effort and challenges for teachers and parents. We effectively followed instructions from Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic and took immediate actions to implement new online tools to assure that guidelines, instructions, lesson plans, videos and other required resources for development of our children are available on high level. As a British Private school, we promote the best quality of education and student – teacher interaction in our school for our children. I am sure that the knowledge, that our children received during school years, will help them to take a worthy place in university life and will play an important role in the life of our country. The main goal of British School in Baku, since establishment in 2007, is improving the level of education in Azerbaijan, align with international standards and at the same time educate children in patriotic environment, which is an important factor in the future development of our country, said the Dr.Samir Valiyev.
Ms.Nigar Baimova the Deputy Director of the British Council, made the astonishing speech, in which she noted, that the graduation ceremony is always such a special occasion – the culmination of years of hard work as for students, as well as for teachers and parents.
She emphasized that education is the most empowering force in the world. It creates knowledge, builds confidence, and breaks down barriers to opportunity and students of the British School in Baku are lucky because they have received a sound education, they speak fluently in English language which has become the most important language to people in many parts of the world”. “
“As you know as the British Council our main mission is to build engagement and trust for the UK through the exchange of knowledge and ideas between people worldwide. We achieve our aims by working in English, education, science, governance and the arts. And we work closely with the British School in Baku. For us it is very important to improve the teaching and learning of English, supporting educational and economic opportunities for Azerbaijanis and in so doing, develop closer understanding of and co-operation with the UK”.
“The last year was particularly difficult time for both the UK and Azerbaijan as the entire world was joining hands in fighting Covid-19 pandemic. But despite the challenges, the British School in Baku have managed to adapt quickly to the new online learning. You are well educated, creative, innovative, young people and the future depends on you as the next generation. There has never been a greater need for innovative, knowledgeable young people to help boost economies around the world and tackle many problems like Climate Change, creating more Inclusive society, who have the potential to make a huge difference to our world. We as the British Council are always here to support you, create new opportunities to young people in Azerbaijan. May the knowledge you obtained bring you success in all your endeavors and hope to hear from you, cooperate with you in the new future and within different projects we deliver. An interesting and full of opportunities road is waiting for you! Just be proactive, enthusiastic, open to changes and opportunities. I wish you a brilliant future and a better world, a world of your own making”.
Dr.Nihat Büyükbaş, Education Advisor of the Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan and Mr. Nasser Abdul Kareem, the Ambassador of Palestine in Azerbaijan presented remarkable speeches at the Annual Graduation Ceremony of the British School in Baku.
Graduates (Ajdar Ismayilov and Najima Jafarli) and Allumni (Jale Mehdiyeva and Asma Jafarova) of the British School in Baku shared their students’ memories, saying they felt proud to be BSB’s students. They expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their tireless work and then they congratulated their classmates, wishing them success in their further activities.
The event was continued with students’ performance in songs and dances. Performance of students were accompanied by guests applauses.
Graduation Ceremony was continued with granting of diplomas to all graduates by Dr.Ahmed Valiyev, the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the British School in Baku, Ms.Nigar Baimova, the Deputy Director of the British Council, Dr.Nihat Büyükbaş, Education Advisor of the Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan and Mr. Nasser Abdul Kareem, the Ambassador of Palestine in Azerbaijan.
As always, BSB transferred all successful students to most developed and high qualified universities.

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