Student life

Halloween as paid homage to saints

Did you know that the word Halloween means “hallowed evening,” and was previously known to early European celebrators as All Hallows’ Eve. All Hallows’ Eve (October 31) and All Saints’ Day (November 1) both paid homage to saints. Hallows literally means saints. The name was eventually shortened to “Halloween,” which we know and love to this day.

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Children from Year 6 chose House captain

Children from Year 6 have chosen Zahra Gafarova as their House captain

BSB often uses the house teams when grouping children for different activities and for sporting competitions.
The role of House Captains are ones of privilege, pride, and responsibility.

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Students of Year 5 BV learn how to make shadows

According to Ms. Bahar, BSB’s teacher, shadow activities and experiments can help children learn what a shadow is, and, how shadows are formed by way of experience.
“Interactive indoor and outdoor shadow activities for elementary-aged kids are perfect year-round fun at home or in the classroom”.

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