Novruz Celebration at British School in Baku: Embracing Azerbaijani Culture

Experience the vibrant hues of spring and the rich tapestry of Azerbaijani culture at the British School in Baku’s annual Novruz Celebration!

Students dressed in traditional Azerbaijani attire took center stage, captivating the audience with spirited performances of spring and Novruz songs, accompanied by enchanting dances that echoed the rhythm of the season.

Adding to the cultural immersion, our Khoncha competition ignited creativity and tradition, with Class 2JD clinching the 1st place, followed by Class 3GD in 2nd place, and Class 6SS in 3rd place.

The festivities continued outdoors with a lively Novruz party, where teachers and students came together around a grand Tongal, dancing with exuberance. Special guests Kosa and Kechel brought laughter and joy to the children, while the enchanting melodies of national Azerbaijani music filled the air.

Join us at the British School in Baku as we celebrate diversity, foster cultural appreciation, and create lasting memories. Stay tuned for more exciting events that showcase our commitment to unity in diversity.

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