BSB’s allumni developed special tailored project about living and studying in UK


We are presenting you the video project of BSB’s alumni  Mahmud Huseynov about living and studying in UK.

The aim of this video is to cover major topics that students should know before applying to a university. It should be noticed that Dr Mirco Magnini, Dr Abdelkhalik Mohammad, and Dr Kishen Rangaraj who are teaching professors at University of Nottingham kindly agreed to give an interview to enlighten
these topics further. They have also provided some advice from lecturer point of view to new students and discussed some of the mistakes students make.
Other than that, Hamza Shabbiri, who was born and raised in the UK, will talk about living in the UK and share some tips for new students.
The first part of the video covers information about the Universities, where credit system, exams and course works, ECs, tutution fees, types of support you get from you university, the workload, and how lectures are delivered. Towards the end, we present the video of interview with Dr Mirco Magnini.
The second part of the video covers a basic understanding of housing. Where different types of accommodations are described in great detail, and pros and cons of each type of accommodation is described. The security and safety is also touched on in this part.
The third and final part of this video tries to cover life in the UK. The difficulties faced by students, the environment, social life and security is described briefly. Then the video of interview with Hamza Shabbiri is
presented, who further details some important topics.

Finally, the we present the remaining two videos, where Dr Abdelkhalik Mohammad and Dr Kishen Rangaraj gives some useful advice to new students. These videos provide information based on common mistakes students make, motivation to students on why to study university, what students should aim during their studies at the university, what professors like to see from students, and much more.

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Special thanks to Dr Mirco Magnini, Dr Kishen Rangaraj, and Dr Abdelkhalik Mohammad for their time and effort, and participation in this video. Special thanks to my friend Hamza Shabbiri for his help and participation in this video.

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