BSB organized IGCSE option counselling sessions

On May 27, British School in Baku has organized IGCSE options counselling sessions for parents and Year 9 students. The first session was conducted by Ms. Trishna where she informed year 9 students about the subject choices available at BSB in year 10. She emphasized that the students should choose the subject according to the career path they want to pursue in future.
The second session was conducted by Mr. Michael, where he informed parents about the subject options available with the students of year 10 at BSB. Mr. Michael informed parents that it is paramount imperative that they allow the students flexibility in their choices.
It should be noticed, that IGCSE is an acronym for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, a worldwide international certificate taken at middle school just before proceeding to pre-university studies or Advanced Level.
IGCSE is one of the most prominent examinations in the world today; offered around the globe and setting a benchmark for assessment, achievement, and recognition that is accepted by international universities, educational institutions, and employers worldwide. IGCSE is one of the most popular international certifications for 14 to 16-year-olds. It is recognized by leading universities and employers worldwide and is an international passport to progression and success.

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