Checking in with BSB Graduates

Asma Jafarova

High School: British School in Baku (BSB)

University: Koç University, Medicine Undergraduate Program

We got amazing news that you had been awarded a scholarship for studying in Koç University. Can you provide us with information on this issue?

  • I assume that anyone opting to get a scholarship from any university does know that nothing comes easy and is vastly working at their best pace. So, the steps that I followed were trying to get my potential scores while also being busy with extracurricular activities. Frankly, it is true that if your background is only grades and scores, yet nothing that shows your social skills, then sadly, you are doomed with the application process too. One of the many things that I realized was to be at my peak effort for the activities. I would be doing some play writings, being present for chess games, also helping with the organizations at school. I remember joining some dances too, which marks their place splendidly on my application for my scholarship. Still, I cannot pass along without mentioning that I am grateful for these opportunities presented at BSB. BSB gave me a hand when it came to showing the university that I am not only grades.

How are you getting on at university?

  • So far, the university has been both a little fun and challenging. Even though it feels like something new, it is great to meet individuals with different pasts that share the same present or hold similar futures. I would say that I am devastated for not getting the whole university experience- since everything was online due to pandemic -as a freshman. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the place that I am at now with or without the quarrels.

What have been the highlights and challenges so far?

–     Once again, meeting divergent students from various races, ethnicities has been merry. Besides, having a wide range of classes where we learn deeper meanings of living is entertaining. I would have never thought sociology or philosophy would be this enchanting. Getting the chance to choose a different aspects of classes/courses has been sensational from my perspective. With all the thrilling experiences, there are hardships of having the first-year expertise online. Since everything is online, you are supposed to meet specific deadlines for tons of assignments and more. However, I think this is something that someone has to get used to over time. I am glad to say that, for now, everything is moving along smoothly.

-Do you feel BSB prepared you well for university? 

On a real note, I am grateful for everything that BSB has offered. Thanks to this school, I do not have to face any language problems. I feel confident and aware when I talk or understandingly listen to someone in front of me. Moreover, I can always see the help of IGCSE/AS level/A level knowledge while dealing with the freshman courses. I feel lucky about my opportunities that my educators served in BSB. It is candidly a privilege to study at BSB.

What are your aspirations for the future?

The dream that I hold for the future is to be named Endocrinologist one day. Still, I am at a point in my life where nothing is stable, and I have a chance to change my mind about my future blueprint. I am aware that there will be more highways and tolls until I reach on conclusion as to where I want/need to be. On the other hand, I am more determined to be untroubled with where I will be or who I will be. For now, my uttermost heart-fulfilling fantasy is to be an endocrinologist who helps their patients with any hormonal problems or diabetic issues, etc. I also do feel that Azerbaijan needs a better endocrinology system; I am willing to bring that.

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