The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq visited the BSB

The General Director of the British School in Baku, Ahmed Valiyev, received a delegation led by the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq

Welcoming the members of the delegation, the Director General said:

-Dear Mr. Ambassador, dear guests. I am pleased to welcome you to the BSB. Welcome to our school. We attach great importance to your visit. I am sure that the visit will be successful and will serve the further development and deepening of our ties. We are very pleased that the friendly relations between us are developing successfully and have very good prospects for the future.

We are also very pleased to see more and more students from Iraq at our school.

In turn, the ambassador also expressed appreciation for such a warm welcome. At the meeting, satisfaction with the level of education at school was also expressed. In the end, the ambassador expressed the idea of ​​opening a BSB branch in Iraq.

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