Mardakan Arboretum

On the 3rd of February, Year 7 BSB Secondary School students took a trip to the Mardakan arboretum. The trip was extremely exciting and students wandered the garden with admiration.

The Mardakan Arboretum was founded by the renowned scientist Murtuza Mukhtarov, a tycoon and oil millionaire from around 1895-1920s. The garden covers an area of 24 hectares including Eldar pine, European-grown Spanish chimney, Eastern camel from China, Aleppo pine, Palestine pistachio, cypress tree on the Mediterranean coast, pine trees, evergreen trees, and other rare trees. On the edge of the sidewalk, there are a white eucalyptus. Attracted by its cleanliness and beauty, the turtle-caged eagles, raccoons, brown bear, owls, and peacock birds add special beauty.

Many students were heard to say: “I know I’ve seen this place before.” This is hardly surprising as the arboretum has frequently been used as the backdrop for famous films such as “Arshin mal alan”, “Do not be afraid, I am with you”, “Minister of Lankaran khan” and others.

One more thing that attracted the attention of most of the students was the artificial lake. It was a pleasure to ride on the catamarans on the lake.

The students certainly reaped great benefits from this extraordinary visit by obtaining valuable particulars about arboretum which supports this year’s Science work on plants.

If you haven’t been to this iconic arboretum it really is a must have!

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