BSB has already begun to receive the student for 2019-2020 academic year

The British School in Baku offers a unique opportunity for students moving into the last class. The process of entering universities in the UK, Europe and America has become more accessible and simplified. As you know, in order to enroll in many advanced universities, in addition to graduating from high school, you need to get an education in the annual Foundation program or in the two-year A-level program, as well as an IELTS certificate. Based on a signed agreement between the British School and the well-known British organization NCUK, problems were solved, and students were provided with unique opportunities. Thus, the implementation of the Foundation program under a joint contract with the organization NCUK will start in the British School in Baku from 2019 to 2020. The duration of the program is 1 (one) year. The program will cover business and engineering specialties. We would like to note that the NCUK consortium includes universities of the Rassel and Milenium groups. Each student in grade 11 with an IELTS certificate of 5.5 may participate in the Foundation program. After the end of the 11th grade, a graduate of the Foundation with minimal scores (every 3 “C” subjects) will have the opportunity to be directly admitted to universities that are part of the NCUK consortium without the need for an IELTS certificate and without losing a year. We give you this opportunity to save the cost of education of your children and living abroad for a year! More information about the Foundation program can be found in schools.

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